About CJB Digital Imaging

CJB Digital Imaging

My grandmother was my inspiration to become an artist. I learned to be observant of small details. I have wanted to get into photography most of my life, however all those dials and numbers were intimidating to me as a child. Life took over and my dream forgotten until the "empty nest" took over! My neighbor and friend,and mentor Craig, http://craiger.aminus3.com/portfolio/, once again inspired me to learn the art of photography. Thanks Craig! I have not had any formal training and learn by "doing". This blog gives me that opportunity to learn and create! Photography has become more than a passion....it's my identity! It is who I am. Now my dream is to become a master of the camera to create awe inspiring images and to share the many wonderful things I witness. Nature is awe inspiring to me, it is my church, so most of my image subjects have to do with nature in some way.
UPDATE: I am now enrolled at New York Institute of Photography

Photography Equipment

Sony A900,
Sigma 70-200mm F2.8II APO EX DG Macro lens
Sigma 24-70 mm F2.8 DG Macro
Sigma 500mm reflex ens

Canon DSLR Rebel XTI camera.
The lens in my small collection are 75-300mm zoom lens, macro lens 100mm, and 18-55mm.